"Tick Tickty Boom!" FULL ARTWORK by Ilia Rogatchevski

Full artwork by Ilia Rogatchevski

Posted: Sunday, 22nd June 2014

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"Tick Tickty Boom!"

Here it is, the new Clinker album! ENJOY!!!

Yours for £3+ from our bandcamp page

Posted: Thursday, 12th June 2014

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"Tick Tickty Boom! Trailer"

Trailer for Clinker's new album Tick Tickety Boom! Out on 12 June..

Posted: Tuesday, 20th May 2014

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Almost a year passed without any updates... Pete was busy doing Sebastian Melmoth and me was into hibernation... Finally Clinker is back in action with new EP "Alberto Floss" before releasing new album "Tick Tickety Boom" in June 2014. Title track is featured from the forthcoming album with re-recorded old 3 tracks.

Art work was desgined by young London based artist, Ilia Rogatchevski

#1 Alberto Floss
#2 Let It Go By
#3 2 U (I Do)
#4 My God
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Purchas it from Bandcamp

Posted: Monday, 12th May 2014

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Full documentary "THIS IS NOT A TEST" - Sebastian Melmoth, directed by Clinker.

Posted: Sunday, 23rd June 2013

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